Made to Order Made to Order and Bespoke

Made to order

GS Douville offers a comprehensive range of made to order and bespoke shoes from leading shoemakers to ensure the EXACT fit and aesthetic you’re looking for.

Made-to-Order or Bespoke?

Generally, a MTO pair of shoes requires a consultation with one of our representative so that the right fit can be established and recorded. Once that’s done, the customer can choose from an existing last, model, sole and leather.

The fit of a bespoke shoe is not be generic, in a sense that it is made especially for the customer. A special set of lasts representing the feet of the customers will be carved from a single piece of wood and will be archived by the shoemaker forever. However, a customer must be willing to have 1 to 2 fittings and the wait time varies from 6 months to a year before completion.

Whether it is for a special occasion, a celebration or to mark an important moment having a pair of MTO shoes made marks the beginning of a journey into individuality and uniqueness.

How does it work?

To have a pair of MTO shoes done with GS Douville, we require our customers to get in touch directly with us via telephone or by e-mail at For more information on the MTO process, please contact: