Quality, Craftsmanship and Art de Vivre.


Welcome to GS Douville

Born from the owners passion for quality, craftsmanship and art de vivre, GS Douville opened its doors in September 2015 in order to promote well made shoes and accessories to the Montreal gentlemen. The idea behind this little gem located in the middle of one of Montreal's best known avenue is to cater a wonderful selection of products made by dedicated factories and craftsmen.

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GS Douville Blog

Corporate services

With the aim to share the passion of high-end, GS Douville offer you the corporate services. You can now discover chic and exclusive European style...

GS Douville & Sainte-Justine foundation

We're proud to announce that 10% of our retail profits will be donated to the Sainte-Justine foundation for the love of children.

We've Opened Our Doors

GSDouville is proud to announce that we've opened our doors to serve you the best in quality, craftsmanship and art de vivre. We welcome everyone...


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